Why do you need Productivitee?

With Productivitee,
you put growth of productivity as the first economic consideration. One simple measurable way
to rate each employee's actual productive time and to improve overall employee progress.


The use of non-productive applications, games, chat facilities
or social networks, most often results in loss of employee productivity.
This unrecommended behaviour
can affect your business
on a long term.

Is your team productivity too low?


Get the real facts now

Get starting hours for each employee every day, for the last week or month. Balance the reports with the cost of each employee in order to check the reality. All figures and graphics are based on real facts.

Keep your team better focused

Spot who are your top performers and create incentives for the most productive of them, in order to reward their improvement. You will see significant improvement starting with the first month.

Gain total control

Receive reports with the most used online sites for each employee and tag them as productive or non-productive for a better management. Set your own predefined categories.

Choose your limits

Based on magic numbers, enable limits or even block access to internet content that distracts or decreases productivity performance. Even for employees working outside the office.



Set your own alarms

Account all application accessed by your employees and provide yourself with alarms when users break predefined patterns.

Grow your business efficiency

Playing games, browsing Internet sites that
are not job-related or having personal conversation are some of the most common non-productive acts. See how much time
each employee spends online, outside of business related tasks for a better understanding.

Improve your team performance